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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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verb (to) search‚ hunt‚ explore‚ discover‚ discern‚ seek‚ inquire‚ trace‚ track‚ research‚ investigate.

Who We Are

Khoj is a not-for-profit contemporary arts organization based in New Delhi. Through our programs we support and incubate emerging, experimental and transdisciplinary creative practices and pedagogies. Since our inception in 1997, we have been committed towards building global networks and solidarities, especially in the subcontinent. We believe that art is of intrinsic value to society; it is a crucial form of inquiry that provides unique insights and drives change through affect.

What We Do

We wish to forge a robust, thriving art ecosystem, where the canon of what constitutes art has expanded. We strive for art to be understood and accepted as essential. We aim to build strong art networks and solidarities across the Global South, with our narratives and discourse seen as part of the international art discourse. Further, through our engagement with important issues, we wish to help create a more equitable, empathetic society.

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