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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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What does art do?

What can art be?

At Khoj, we believe that art is of intrinsic value to society; it is a crucial form of inquiry that provides unique insights and drives change through affect. We are an autonomous not-for-profit contemporary arts organisation based in New Delhi, India. Since our inception in 1997 in New Delhi, we have been committed towards building global networks and solidarities, especially in the subcontinent. Through our programs we support and incubate emerging, experimental and transdisciplinary creative practices and pedagogies.

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Does The Blue Sky Lie?: Testimonies of Air’s Toxicities A Staged Hearing

Social Practice Reflections, assessments, and comments on the context and culture of common actions, practises and structures relevant to the lives of people through engagement with artistic interventions and social discourse.