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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Art &

  • its intersections with other disciplines has always been central to Khoj’s programming. Scroll to discover the ever-evolving thematics we engage with.
  • Practice and Pedagogy

    Perspectives and dimensions of art practice as an act of teaching and learning in relation to socio-cultural, historical, and ecological contexts and actions.

  • Urbanisms

    Interactions between changing rural-urban landscapes, architecture, and niche-built ecosystems and the lives that inhabit them.

  • Intersectional Identities

    Understanding individual realities, histories, issues, and diversification of interactions at multiple intersections in the context of geopolitical and social dimensions.

  • Social Practice

    Reflections, assessments, and comments on the context and culture of common actions, practises and structures relevant to the lives of people through engagement with artistic interventions and social discourse.

  • Ecology

    Individual and community relationships with biodiversity and ideas of realities through objects, spaces, and inquiries in microcosms, ecological systems, and their problems and future.

  • Arts Education

    Education in arts and allied fields, education and pedagogy building through art practice

  • Performance

    Liveness, the performative; immersion

  • The Body

    Discourses around the body and intersections with performance technology ecology affect

  • Technologies

    Tool; techne; method and mechanisms; device(s)

  • Migration

    Migration, diaspora and diasporic issues and identities, movement and migration in a historical context, socio-political, cultural contexts of migration

  • Gender

    Women and trans issues, gender inequality

  • Sound

    Sonic, experimental sound, music

  • Design

    Critical engagement with all and upcoming design methodologies and design fields

  • Climate Change

    Exploring cultural life in tandem with the environment through artistic practises to develop a meaningful connection with climate change, scientific knowledge, community action and concern.

  • Food

    Food, ecology and ecosytems and their intersteces; social, cultural, historical and ecological understandings of food; critical examinations of food; food and affect and memory

  • Climate Crisis

    Anthropocene, extreme weather, ecological/ food/ weather systems as they intersect with capitalism/ human activity/ politics and technology

  • Science

    Natural and physical sciences, history of science, vernacular understandings of science, engagement with methodologies drawn from science; planetary sensorium, embodied understandings of scientific phenomena

  • Public Health

    Mental health, systemic structures impacting health, medical systems and knowledges, intersection of social justice/ social design/ ecology and health

  • Institutional Critiques

    Self reflections and critical perspectives on contemporary art and allied ecosystems

  • Gaming

    Intersection of art and gaming; gamification; gaming and technology; immersion

  • Digital Futures

    Body and data, reflecting on digitality, digital violence, being online, online identity and space making; deep fakes; post truth; propaganda; reality and fictiom; technocracy; surveillance capitalism; representational identities; internet/digital infrastrucutral matrix; digital topography; datafication as knowledge

  • Film

    Films and video dialogues as a medium of expression of cultural and individual realities, simulating experiences, triggering memory, and musing futures in context of the shifting nature of politics, economies, and landscapes.

  • Fashion

    Fashion and clothing as a symbolic visual language communicating socio- economic realities, historical and contemporary identities, relationships with ecology and weather systems, and self-perceptions.