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I think the way it works till now ( it’s been four weeks ) is that I have been questioning what is an inquiry into the work?

what is an inquiry into a work?

Is it about the space?

I have been dealing with immediate projections of things, so I created a few, I have been dealing with unfinished thinking from the past projects, which I did in the space, I have been intrigued by material that I see outside so I bought that, ie: tiles, colourful tiles and other items.

This did not yield the depth of an inquiry.

is it about the science of the subject?

I met dr. Mehta, listened to our conversations, tried to think through what is a mental illness and was left with more questions than answers. The field is vast and endless. There are too many questions about losing cognitive ability, imagining things, not knowing reality. This is a problem as I encounter similar mind frame in thinking what is not possible or what does not happen normally.

Is it about a way of working?

Yes, I think! I mean I have different modes of functioning. I am putting them in categories, like a three dimensional, sculptural form, drawing on a surface, a shift from using the still image on paper to using video, moving image. Then by the mid point of the residency, March 27th, feeling the need to now seriously stretch this limit or at least think of it as a way. This does give a feeling of tackling an enquiry.

what is the right way of working so far?

The right way, a test of a hypothetical question. Which the process I enjoy and why? I can explain further. Something about trying too hard and using or putting pressure on only one way of functioning as oppose to creating in the moment as a frugal act. Something which doesn’t look, feel like the traditional animation. And most importantly, how things happen in immediacy. With the least steps, efforts in making, like having chai and thinking and it should happen.

Where am I or where are you?

I am on a loose strip of drawings being put together with audio, a connection from  one image of a drawing to another. Tying them together, or not tying, just holing them together in a form called as ‘movie’.

I wrote somewhere. Now I don’t have that sheet of paper with me, but what I remember is that inquiry is something where something moves forward as a thought. It is no longer an unexplored moment but a movement ahead into answering something. It doesn’t give an answer, but manifests itself as something with a sense of collectivity. Collection of the science and art. I say this because I think I am in an art and science residency.