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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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I’m Pakhi Sen, project intern for ‘Coriolis Effect : Currents across India and Africa’ and ‘Of Games – III : There’s gotta be a way out of this Dungeon’. I finished my undergrad in Sociology from Delhi University, but I have wanted to move over into the field of art for over two years now. I was born into a home centred around art and I’ve almost always found myself being attracted to that sense of living.

Since I so quickly in college decided that I had picked the wrong thing, I decided to look for a connection to the art world outside of it. This was when I joined an art gallery in Delhi part-time and was in and out for almost two years with them. I was fortunate enough to have had this great experience, exposing me to the art world and helping me understand how it works. Alongside that in my free time, I discovered video, rediscovered acrylics and tried experimenting with what excited me.

I finished college in May this year and decided that I would take a year off to explore further different areas and aspects of the art world in order to make clearer which fields I wished to pursue. This is when the idea of Khoj was brought to me. A space where I can see other people work together and create would be exactly what I need, and the kind of space I would want to be a part of. On the very first day itself, during the orientation meeting of the first project, I was deeply inspired by the work of the international residents and I realised that I still have a lot to learn and absorb as a person before I step fully into my own creative space.

I think that aesthetics is very important, and so is environment. When these meet, ideas are born. These ideas create ‘art’. I have been seeking a space where this is an ongoing process. Having found that, I also wish to leave a piece of myself. So for the next two months, I will be working with Khoj, documenting and sharing their projects, as well as participating through my own work and conversation.