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I met delhi-based raw foodist Anjali Sanghi who was real helpful and gave me a list of organic food suppliers.
I figured it would be of use all around, so here we go:

They all do home delivery. Each supplier has their own policy for the quantity they consider worth delivering.

Adarsh ji – Gurgaon-based farmer | fruit & veggies | 9810165575

Ashish Gupta |  011 – 27944386 /+91-9599251386 –

Ehsaas Organics | Mrs Rashmi (Owner) | fruit, veggies, grain, etc | 9212310200 |

Nirvaaha Organics | grain, dry provision, etc | 011-24656737 | | D-59 Defence Colony

Altitude Store | Mrs Meenakshi | fruit, veggies, grain, etc | 9811755222 |

I Say Organic | fruit, veggies, grain, etc | 011-41087447 |

Last week, I ordered organic groundnuts, fennel and coffee powder from Nirvaaha which they sent over to me @ Khoj. Today, I’m in the mood to to try out the fruit + veggies at I Say Organic. Will post pics of the salads I uncook with the ingredients 🙂
Have a good week, all.