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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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It has been a hectic week! With more people coming and going and new introductions to the landscape, to the nature, to each other. Now, all plans are set and each artist is well on their way to develop their works towards the exhibition. At every turn there are direct interactions with the permanent inhabitants of the location, who at time observe, at times participate or comment. I am sure they are curious to the outcome of these exercises we are undertaking.

Everyone goes on their own trips, their own hikes with their own approaches.

It is becoming quite an exciting strain to co-ordinate the various activities spread across the valley, across elevations, most often it means I am walking up and down multiple times in a day.

I am also learning most significantly, that nature, environment, has infinite elements all smallest of moments and working from nature gives unlimited folds of development in work. I expect I can practice certain activities for life, which I am trying out for the first time now, with great results and response of the elements I am picking out.

I look forward to all the works, and the exhibition where I might have an opportunity to share these processes with those who are watching us pottering about the valley doing what might appear to the objective passerby, strange activities.

I have requested some of them to write for the blog and I will attach their writings here.