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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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13 June 2014

Local art forms of Pardasinga are pottery and broom making. During the visit to the village the artists had a chance to meet a local sculptor Ishwar ji. A sculpture of Krishna playing flute stood in bright gleaming colors. This popular image of Krishna that can be found in most of the temples and houses had something very unique to it. At the pedestal of the sculpture, a small base, the name of the sculptor was carved. The tradition of writing names in popular worship imagery and icons is not a common practice in the country. Ishawar ji Jaamgade is a sculptor who is as particular as his sculpting skills as his coloring techniques. This almost life size image of the Krishna was made to be sent to a nearby temple in the village. Along with making icons for the temple Iswar ji also makes public sculptures of Kabir, Swami Vivekanand Ambedkar etc.

Paradsinga village has a few temples. Every morning people can be seen visiting temples as a part of their daily routine. One can find two mosques where the Muslim community goes to worship.  These religious structures are spread across the village within the inner community circles. The sites of religious syncretism Dargah and Manzaars are also found across the village.

The folk songs of the village are Jass which are songs of glory. There is a rich tradition of Bhajan singing in the village. This singing is carried out in form of group singing. These bhajans are organized on special occasions by temples and families. Guru Mauli Bhajan Mnadal, SatiAnusuya Mata Bhajan Mandal, is famous Bhajan groups in the village. Qawalli singing also takes place in the village when arranged by Dargahs and local families.

Yadav Rao Sanesar, is a local village crafts man. His work comes under kutir udyog, cottage industry. He makes broom of various kinds.  Yadav kaka is also a dholakiya, drummer and also plays some wind instruments. His brooms are exported till Nagpur and in other nearby cities and villages. He was a very active participant even in the previous Gram Residency. Even in this residency Kriti an artists from Jaipur will work with him to address to the issues of caste stigma and sanitation.