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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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KHOJ launched the comic book Jaba by Anpu Varkey and hosted an extended evening with DJ sets by Ntone Edjabe (Live) and Stig Inge.

In Varkey’s words: “This comic is about Jaba, my companion, seen juggling various heavy-duty activities in a day. A dreamscape netted around its numerous resting hours, touching on its static eye contact with flies and pigeons that nestle around its vision, in the balcony, in the garden, on the roof. It’s a muted encounter, purely observational, with a tinge of fantasy. A cat’s life.”

Medium: Calligraphy pen with Indian ink + offset printing.

Anpu Varkey is a painter, with a varied practice, ranging from canvases to walls and pavements. This is her first self-published comic.

Ntone Edjabe is a writer, journalist, DJ, and founding editor of Chimurenga magazine. He was a researcher in residence at KHOJ.

Stig Inge is the musical moniker of Bremen-based artist Sebastian Reuschel. Reuschel uses this pseudonym mainly for playing as a DJ and releasing his own music – best on his own label, ZCKR Records.