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Art Future Prize 2020




FORMOSA ART FUTURE is an art fair with both the contemporary art fair and the art prize especially for emerging artist in Asia. It presents“Young & Emerging Section”and“ART Future Prize 2020”. It shows artworks of emerging artists and focusing on Asia art scene, also as a platform for young artists in Asia.



FORMOSA ART FUTURE is found by Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd, the first professional art group organizing art fairs in Taiwan. Formerly was the Department of Exhibitions of Galerie Grand Siècle and has a long and substantial record of engagement in contemporary art and experience.

Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd had organized plenty of International Art Show, for example “FORMOSA 101 ART FAIR,” “FORMOSA ART SHOW,” “ART KAOHSIUNG”,  ” Tokyo Front Line “, ” Cologne ART.FAIR ” taking place in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Cologne , also the founder of  ” YOUNG ART TAIPEI “. Currently it is the executive committee of ART FORMOSA, ART KAOHSIUNG and FOMOSA ART FUTURE.

Application Deadline: 15th Nov 2019



Friday, Nov 15, 2019                                                                                             Application Deadline

Monday, Dec 2, 2019                                                                                           Nomination List Announcement

Friday, Dec 20, 2019                                                                                        Result of Finalists Announcement

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020  15:00-19:00                                                                    Set Up

Friday, Jan 17, 2020                                                                                   Ceremony of Art Future Prize





  1. Artists from Asia under the age of 40.
  2. Artists without any agency contract with gallery.




  1. Application Form
  2. Experience of exhibitions、CV、and discourse.
  3. Proposal for the exhibition.
  4. Former works and the high-resolution images(6 pieces).
  5. Agreement for marking and the Information consent form.
  6. The electronic version of artworks:
    • No restriction on the medium of artworks. All file should be send by electronic version. All images should be JPEG format and 1 MB or less.
    • Video artwork please offer the highlight version (5 mins or less)and the full version of your work with mp4 format.




  1. Visit the official website of ” FORMOSA Art Future 2020  ” ,  and download the application form of ” Art Future Prize 2020 ” .
  2. The application form should be summited to committee by E-mail before Oct 15th.  
  3. Please sign the information consent form. Committee will take the sign as applicant acknowledge and agree to the terms set out in this application form and annexed conditions.


Jury & Competition


The judging panel of ART Future Prize by ART FORMOSA consists of five permanent jury members each year. Each jury member will pick 10 as quality award, and pick 15 from quality award as nominees in the first place on November 15th.  During the final election, the jury will pick 3 from the 15 nominees as the winner of ART Future Prize on December 17th




  1. “ART FUTURE PRIZE” will pick 15 nominees during primary election, and pick 3 of the 15 nominees as the winner during final election every year.
  2. Committee of “ART FUTURE PRIZE” will send the result of finalist announcement, the announcement will be post on official website at the same time.




  1. FOR 15 NOMINEES and the 3 WINNER: Promotion Support During ART FUTURE

Every year of “Art Future Prize” will invite 15 nominees and the 3 winners to join the promotion plan. By presenting the artists and artworks of 15 nominees and the 3 winners at the press conference, ceremony of the “Art Future ”, to socializing with gallery owners, collectors and media.  This program will also cover the promotion support on paper by presenting the artists and the artworks in the VIP book of “Art Future ”, that attracted every VIP of every art fair held by Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd.


  1. FOR 15 NOMINEES: Year-Long Mentoring Support Program

 “ART FUTURE PRIZE” offer “Year-Long Mentoring Support Program”for the 15 nominees of “ART FUTURE PRIZE” . Every nominee will be able to join a year – long mentoring program, mentoring support through a member of the jury.


During this program, together with the mentor you will plan the next important steps concerning your career as an artist. You will benefit from your mentor’s network and experience.  In addition, 15 nominees won the VIP PASS of every art fair help by Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd. Every nominee will be able to visit every Art Fair held by Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd for free for the next whole year.


  1. FOR 3 WINNERS: Special Exhibition Program During ART FUTURE and more

The 3 winners of the “ART FUTURE PRIZE” will be able to present the artworks in the special exhibition during the ART FUTURE


For the artists from Taiwan, the sponsor of the ART FUTURE committee will provide 3 days hotel in Taipei and the material fee (within USD 980 totally). For the international artists, the sponsor of the ART FUTURE committee will provide round-trip economy airfare and 5 days hotel also the expense of the artworks shipping for exhibition (within USD 980 totally). There is no need for the winner artists to spend any fee for exhibition.


In addition, the 3 winner of the ART FUTURE PRIZE will have the first priority to be invited by Formosa Art Fair Co., Ltd to join the exhibiting program with several international art fair in Asia. By holding this program, young artists could have opportunity to present artworks not only in one art fair.






  • VENUE:
  • FUBON INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER ( 108, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City)
  • SAN WANT HOTEL (No. 172, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City)


  • DATE:Friday, 17, Jan. 2020 – Sunday, 19, Jan. 2020
  • EVENT:

VIP & Exhibition Opening Party(Invited Only)

Friday, 17, Jan. 2020     20:00 – 22:00    FUBON INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER


Public Day 

Friday, 17, Jan. 2020 – Sunday, 19, Jan. 2020    12:00 – 20:00   





  • The 3 winners will attend the special exhibition.

The ceremony of “ART FUTURE PRIZE”  will be on Thursday, 17, Jan. 2020 at FUBON INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER. The winner of the “ART FUTURE PRIZE “should make sure that there is no any contract with gallery and also be able to exhibit “ART FUTURE”. The one who could not be able to exhibit will be regarded as spontaneous abandonment.


  • Agreement of Promotion

The 10 nominees and the 3 winners of “ART FUTURE PRIZE”  will be invited to join the ceremony of the “ART FUTURE PRIZE”  . The sign with the application will regard as the agreement for using the image of artwork for promotional purposes including press release for media and VIP book. 


  • Shipping For Artworks

Be sure to save your receipts of the shipping, which you can claim reimbursement (within USD 980 totally) after the exhibition.


  • Art Dealing Issue

If your artwork sold during the art fair, committee will be able to help on the dealing issue with invoice. Each of the dealing should impose 30% for Professional Practice to the committee.


**The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.            





We will be happy to assist you with any questions about application to ART FUTURE 2019. Please contact our team if you need any assistance. More information please visit our official website: . The application form should be summited to committee by E-mail ( before Oct 15th


  1. ART FUTURE Executive Committee