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Artreach India invites applications from artists to lead its fourth Teaching Fellowship

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About Artreach India’s Teaching Fellowship

Since 2015 through a fixed grant Artreach India has supported one artist annually to work with a group of young people, with an engaging and meaningful programme of planned workshops and fieldtrips culminating in an exhibition and publication at the end of the period.
The partner NGO for 2018-19 is Karm Marg and the participants will be selected from their home, Karm Gaon, in Faridabad. Working with a group of about 20 students between the ages 14 to 18, (all of whom have some artistic inclination, some of whom wish to pursue art-related careers) the artist will introduce them to a variety of mediums and techniques, and to a selection of artists and styles through AV presentations and field trips.
Beyond the teaching of technical skills and insight into art history and aesthetics the artist will encourage participants to use art as a tool for the critical exploration of the world, will seek to cultivate their imaginative, creative and reflective skills, and encourage each of them to find an individual expressive voice.

The artist should:
 come rich with creative skills ranging from basic drawing and painting to one or more specialisations such as sculpture, film making, craft work
 be well versed in the basics of art theory, aesthetics and art history
 be interested in developing students’ ideas through workshops that are sensitive to their questions and encourage dialogue
 understand that learning in the arts is a social process, enriched by collaboration and group discussion

There will be six months of regular workshops, which should be dynamic, conversational and open to adapt to the interests of the students as well as the site of engagement. Following this, a five day intensive, built around a clear theme or outcome. The Teaching Fellowship will end in an exhibition of artworks by participants at KNMA with anaccompanying catalogue. The focus, though, should remain on the process of artistic exploration and learning and not the product i.e. the exhibition. The exhibition is to be seen as part of the process of exploration of the artistic endeavor and one of the many elements of artistic practice.

As with previous fellowships, the selected artist will be advised by a panel of artist-educators, a counselor and curator. Artreach works closely with them and our partner NGOs towards developing curriculum, monitoring the programme to understand its impact on the children, as well as to create a template of best practice methods for future programmes.
The structure of the programme is in place but we look to the Teaching Fellow to further the learnings of previous fellowships, bringing fresh ideas, skills and experience.
Plan for the fourth Teaching Fellowship

July – December 2018 1full-weekend workshop per month at Karm Marg, Faridabad
2 Field Trips: 1 to a Museum and 1 to an Art College
1 Pottery workshop at the British School
2 Advisory Meetings
March 2019 1 intensive workshop (4-5 days)
1 Field Trip to a school or Art college Final Display
May 2019 Exhibition at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art
1 Advisory Meeting

Submission of Reflection Document by artist
Monitoring The programme will be monitored jointly by the artist,the Artreach team and Karm Marg
Grant Amount Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lac only).
Interested artists must demonstrate previous teaching experience.
To apply please send a Covering Note, Resume (CV) and two professional references to (Ita Mehrotra, Programmes Head) with the subject ‘Application for Teaching Fellowship 4’.
Interviews will take place on a rolling basis, deadline for applications 31st May.
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