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The AAA Research Grant supports focused research projects on art in Asia. AAA’s definition of ‘Asia’ and ‘Asian art’ is not restrained by geography and includes artists of Asian descent living around the world, as well as artists of non-Asian decent living in Asia.

Due to the scale of the grant, AAA seeks applications for small to medium scale, goal-specific projects.
Materials collected for the project are made available to the public at AAA. The final reports of past AAA Research Grant projects are published on AAA’s website:

• Independent researchers and writers with proven experience and solid track records in research
• Academics currently working in tertiary institutions, provided that proposed projects do not overlap with other research funded by the educational institutions concerned. Applicants are required to make a declaration to this effect when they submit their proposals.

Project Completion Date
Selected projects must begin by September 2011 and be completed within one year.
Documents and original materials collected on the researched subject, and a written report, accompanied by a bibliography must be submitted to AAA by 30 September 2012. Applicants are required to provide tentative timelines in their proposals.
AAA will award a total of HK$80,000 (approx. US$10,000) to one project.
Budgets accompanying proposals must include a trip to Hong Kong for presentation upon completion of the project. Additional funds may also be awarded for the purchase of books.
Assessment Criteria
 AAA selects suitable applications based on the following criteria:
a. Relevant experience of the applicant
b. Direction and approach of the research
c. Practicability and feasibility of the research
d. Research funding conditions and availability in applicant’s country
Enquires & Submission of Proposal
Please send proposals to Asia Art Archive, via fax (+852 2815 0032) or email
Please include:

• CV (please include relevant past projects and references)
• Research project description: objectives, approach, and background
• Timeline
• Budget

Applicants may be contacted for additional information.
For further enquiry, please contact Janet Chan:
Tel: (852) 2815 1112
Fax: (852) 2815 0032
Address: 11/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong