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Call for Applications: Art & Fashion Residency

Khoj International Artists’ Association invites applications for a four week residency that will focus on exploring intersections between the related but distinctly separate fields of Art & Fashion.
In the last two years, Khoj has invited several artists and practitioners from within fashion to explore the possible synergies and crossovers between the two disciplines. Over the course of a series of residencies and related programmes, artists-in-residence have explored myriad themes within fashion and have, consequently, opened up several exciting avenues of inquiry. Works developed in Khoj’s fashion residencies have looked at the material possibilities of textile and fabric, have created conversations around issues of copy and appropriation, have begun to address the idea of clothing as an extension of the body, and have discussed notions of clothing as symbol & visual language.
To continue its ongoing engagement with fashion, Khoj is curating a third edition of its International Art & Fashion residency, to be held in November 2013. Proposals are invited from Indian and international artists and practitioners who are interested in further investigating the above mentioned areas of inquiry. Applications can also explore the concept of temporality inherent within fashion or explore the processes of image making and advertising that are central to fashion.

To apply for the Art & Fashion Residency, please send the following documents by e-mail to, with “Art & Fashion Residency” in the subject line:

1. Cover letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Samples of previous works
4. Concept note of proposed work in the residency (maximum 500 words)
Khoj is able to cover the cost of travel and will be able to provide modest accommodation in the Khoj guesthouse, located at Khoj Studios. Khoj will also be able to provide a modest per diem and a separate modest production budget.
The residency is scheduled to last four weeks through the month of November 2013. Chosen applicants are expected to commit for the entire duration of the programme and are expected to have no parallel commitments for the length of the residency. As Khoj International Artists’ Association is a not-for-profit artists’ organization, artists-in-residence are not expected to profit financially from the residency.
The deadline to receive all applications is September 15, 2013. Chosen candidates will be informed by September 25, 2013.