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Call for Applications for RES.Ò2 Residency in Italy


KHOJ International Artists’ Association invites Applications for two RES.Ò2 Residencies in Italy at:

    Eco e Narciso, Province of Torino
    CeSAC, Caraglio (CN)

Both residencies are in collaboration with Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti, Torino
Residency: 6-9 weeks to be scheduled between March and June 2012
Online – submissions only
Based in Italy’s Piedmont region, RESÒ is the new international residency exchange network for art residencies and educational programs. RESÒ’s goal is to foster new relationships, cultural exchange and creative production, as well as linking artists with the leading contemporary arts institutions in Piedmont, New Delhi, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro.
RESÒ is dedicated to supporting its resident artists in the creation of new works of art and development of research through 6-9 week long research-residencies. All of the artists’ expenses are covered, including airfare. They will be introduced to the local art scene through a program of meetings, studio visits and talks. The selected artists are expected to hold public presentations of their work towards the end of their residency. As the host institution from India, KHOJ is hereby pleased to announce the call for applications for the two RES.Ò2 residencies at Eco e Narciso and CeSAC (Cn), in collaboration with Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti. The residencies are for 6-9 weeks to be scheduled between March and June 2012. 2011.
Applications details :
You are eligible to apply if you are based in India regardless of nationality.
Please fill out the application form including your:
•         Basic / Contact information
•         Motivation letter for this specific residency
•         Artist statement
•         Check list of submitted work (Images, texts, audios, videos, URLs, etc.)
Along with this application form please also submit your C.V. and relevant examples of your previous work.
Guidelines for submitting your work:
•         Images: Submit up to 10, at 100 dpi and medium-sized
•         Texts: Submit up to 3 examples, published or unpublished
•         Audio files: Submit up to 3 examples at a duration of up to 10 minutes each
•         Videos: Submit either URLs if available online or use one of the following upload services only: Dropbox, or Yousendit.
All submitted material must first list the name of the Italian organization you are applying for, your last (family) name, followed by an underscore in the file name. For example: Marcus Smith will label his submitted images as Smith_(title of image).jpg.
For applicants based in India, please submit your information to:
(Up to 10 MB per email. If you are submitting more than one email, please indicate as such, for example as subject: RESÒ residency (your name) 1 of 3 / 2 of 3 / 3 of 3.)
For information:
Eco e Narciso, Province of Torino: Eco Program
CeSAC (Cn):  CeSAC Program