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Call for applications for installations at Sensistan

Sensistan  Sensistan  Sensistan  Sensistan  Sensistan 

Forms of collaboration on installations (you provide)

A.   Installation concept and detailed blue-print [set-up by Sensistan], [Feb-June 2019]
B.   Installation concept, blue-print and set-up in Goa [Feb-June 2019]

We provide

  • Artist fee for concept and rights to use in Sensistan [A, B]
  • Equipment & material for building [A, B]
  • Local and volunteer support for building [B]
  • Travel expense [return flight], accommodation [B]
  • Introduction to network of local and international artists in Goa [A, B]

Fill out our application form here.

Selection criteria

  • Tested and proven in a prior installation [to be adapted to the Indian context, where suitable]
  • Stand-alone installation with low maintenance and minimum facilitation during use
  • Resource efficiency [low cost material, re- or up-cycled material]
  • Sturdy | for 100-500 people a day trying to fiddle
  • Mobile | easy to assemble, break down, pack and ship
  • Open for installations indoor [consider humidity] and outdoor [rainy season, strong sun, etc.]
  • Multiple people can interact at same time, ideally together
  • Entertain the senses, ideally more at once
  • Essential that all installation embrace our design principles

Additional considerations

Overall concept and theme: Sensistan brings for the first time to India. It shall be a tech-enabled playground for everyone. The space and its installations shall convey the feeling of entering a magical space that is quite different from the normal outside world. People shall feel safe and comfortable to interact and explore. Installations shall invite people to explore how they perceive the world through their own heightened senses and help people to understand that everything is about perception and that there is so much to discover.

Design principles: 

  • Sustainable
  • Immersive
  • Interactive
  • Mindful message
  • Inspiring or thought-provoking
  • Fun

Scale: We will feature international, regional and local artists. As is still in its infancy in India, we urge Indian artists to apply. We are targeting a split between international and regional artists and Indian artists of about 65%-35%. There will be various installations of different sizes at Sensistan:

  • 3-5 large-scale installations: Engages numerous people at once
  • About 10 medium installations
  • Numerous smaller installations

Funding: Sensistan is in the process of securing project funding from various sources. For artist collaboration, we are tapping into various grants and work together to apply to the suitable organizations (depending on artist’s country of origin, type of collaboration, equipment requirements, etc.). The final collaboration will also depend on available funding.

Budget: Each installation proposal can be anywhere between USD 500 to USD 20,000. Resources are limited. Please provide realistic and fair budget proposals. Besides the quality of the installation, the budget is a selection criteria and the more affordable the higher the chances of selection. At the same time, we do understand that quality has its price

Location and space: Sensistan will be located in Northern Goa. The Sensistan space will be minimum 1000 sqm indoor area and 1000 sqm outdoor area. We are currently looking at 3 beautiful options, whereas each is quite different from the other.

Goa has a dry season (December to May) and a wet season (June to November). Please make sure that equipment is secured against very fine dust and humidity in the air.

Collective work: All installations and space design shall create the magical Sensistan world and experience. We ask selected artist to exchange and work with other artists and space designers to ensure a good integration, where applicable. We will facilitate this exchange and provide more details down the line.

Next Steps

  • Call for applications: Submission deadline is on March 30th. We review submissions on a rolling basis and will get in touch shortly after your submission, especially if we see need to clarify further. Please submit your proposal as soon as you can and do not wait until the final deadline. We will take short-listing decisions throughout the process. In case you are selected before the deadline ends, we will fast-track the next steps directly with you.
  • Selection of short list: We will inform on the short-listed candidates by April 3rd.
  • Detail submission of short-listed applications: At this stage, we will provide location and space details (including floor plans, photos) to the short-listed candidates for their consideration. This second submission with deadline on April 25th entails:
    • Description of the installation (if not yet provided)
    • Adaptations of the existing installation (concept) to the Sensistan space, if applicable.
    • Equipment and material provided and required for purchase in India.
    • Background information on the artist or the team
    • Timeline for set-up
    • Budget breakdown
  • Before the final selection early June, we will ask you for a video conference to get to know each other and further discuss our collaboration as well as adaptation to the Indian context, if required.
  • Submission of concepts and blueprints: Given that submissions are based on a proven and tested installation, submission including adaptation shall be within 3 weeks after selection. For collaboration type A, please also add installation instructions.
  • Work stay in Goa for collaboration type B: Set-up phase will be roughly 2 weeks from July to September 2019

Any further questions to us?

Please refer to the FAQ first. We are available to you anytime to answer open questions or to explain the project further to you. Please really do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Sensistan is a collective effort and talking brings people together. Contact us via Email | FB messenger.


Upcoming calls for collaboration

Artist-in-residency for interior and space design

Sensistan will not be the typical museum. It will be a maze of rooms and spaces, it will be full of things to discover, will have several speak-easy type of entrances, and will feature numerous design aspects that further engage the visitors.

  • Opening: April 1st
  • Deadline: April 25th
  • Selection: April 30th
  • Residency: August – September

Artist-in-residency for developing a non-linear storytelling, immersive experience

Visitors will be able to choose among quests to discover the space from different angles or venture in and just have fun. The quests or stories will guide visitors through the space. We are looking for a skilled and experienced talent to develop the quests. This work will be in close exchange with installation artist to ensure all aspects of the installations are well considered.

  • Opening: April 1st
  • Deadline: April 25th
  • Selection: April 30th
  • Residency: July – August