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Call for Applications: – Food Ed. III residency and associated projects & interventions

Khoj International Artists’ Association invites applications from both Indian and international applicants for – Food Edition III, a six-week residency that will focus on generating conversations around “food”.
Khoj’s programme was instituted to create public dialogues around ecological issues through artistic projects and interventions. Over the last two years, through its InContext residencies, Khoj has narrowed its focus to supporting projects and interventions that have dealt with a variety of ecological issues surrounding food.
In continuing with this trajectory, Khoj is curating a third edition of its – Food residency in March – April 2014. Scheduled to overlap with the commencement of a separate but related year-long urban farming initiative, the residency aims to generate conversation around issues of food sustainability, food cycles (including growing, farming harvesting, producing, circulating and distributing) and agriculture in both urban and peri-urban settings in and around Delhi. Simultaneously, the residency will continue to develop additional conversations around other food-related issues through weekly artist hosted dinners, interventions, performances, dinner-interventions, dinner-performances and performance-interventions.
Thus, this year, Khoj is looking to expand the scope of its residency. In addition to accepting proposals for full six-week long residency projects, Khoj is also accepting applications for shorter duration projects and interventions that provoke questions and discussions about food. Proposals for these associated projects and interventions could range from short performances that last a few minutes to longer interventions that may take a few weeks to unfold. Khoj is also happy to accept proposals of creative ideas for dinner/interventions/dinner-interventions. Bringing such proposals onboard will be contingent on budgets and funding availability, however, Khoj is keen to support smaller, innovative food related projects and interventions in tandem with the larger residency.
To apply for the – Food Edition III residency and associated projects/interventions please send the following documents by e-mail only to, with either “InContext Residency Proposal” or “InContext Project/Intervention Proposal” in the subject line:
Application requirements for the full six week residency —
Artist biography & images of previous projects

1. Concept / Research note (maximum 500 words)
2. A rough/estimated production & installation budget for the proposed work
Applications requirements for shorter projects or interventions —

1. Artist biography & images of previous projects
2. Concept note (maximum 500 words)
3. A plan of execution (maximum 250 words)
4. A detailed production & installation budget for the project or intervention
The deadline to receive all applications and proposals is January 25, 2014. Chosen candidates will be informed by February 1, 2014.
For residency artists, Khoj is able to cover the cost of travel and will be able to provide modest accommodation in the Khoj guesthouse, located at Khoj Studios.
For all participants, including residency participants and selected shorter projects and interventions, Khoj will also be able to provide a modest per diem.
Production budgets for all residency projects as well as associated projects or interventions will be contingent upon the budgets submitted and funding availability.
The residency is scheduled to last six weeks from March 6 – April 13. All associated projects or interventions should happen in the course of these six weeks.
Deadline: January 25, 2014