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Call for Applications: Sound Residency at Khoj

Khoj International Artists’ Association is inviting applications for a four week residency around the thematic of sound.
Sound Art in India is a nascent, but emerging field. With more and more artists and musicians exploring the meaning of sound, a new language is being understood and redefined. The understanding of sound beyond music is leading to new experiments embodying new auditory sensibilities and awareness.
Khoj has been engaging with the sonic and auditory practices since 2006. Khoj is aiming to growing opportunities of dialogical and practical exchange to foster sharing and growth of auditory understanding. The growing expertise and enthusiasm in other fields like urban architecture and planning, bio acoustics, sociology, technology and linguistics, has added to the interdisciplinary dialogue. This collaborative approach at Khoj has helped in employing various media to craft sonic landscapes.
To continue the ongoing engagement, Khoj is curating an International residency in January 2013. Applications are invited from Indian and international artists and practitioners exploring sound recording methodologies and aural practices including oral histories, bio-acoustic, electro-acoustic, radio art, noise and field recordings. The proposals can also explore modalities of listening and synaesthetic applications of sound.

How to Apply

To apply for the program, please send the following documents by email to with Sound Residency 2013 in the subject line.
1. Covering Letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Samples of previous works in .wav or .mp3 format*
4. Concept note of maximum 500 words
Cost of travel, modest accommodation and per dieums will be separate from the allotted production budget.
Deadline for receiving all applications is 10 October 2012.
Please note that late applications will not be considered. Selected participants will be notified by 25 October, 2012.
Residency starts on 4th January, 2013.
*You can send us links to SoundCloud, website, webpages, or use online file sharing systems like Dropbox, Yousendit etc. to send us your work.