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Call for applications: The Undivided Mind |Art + Science Residency at Khoj

Residency Dates: March 2nd – April 2nd, 2015

Application Deadline: February 2nd, 2015

Please send your applications to ‘’

Khoj invites proposals for ‘The Undivided Mind’, a four-week international residency for artists whose work explores the intersection of art and science.

At first, it may seem that the pairing of Art & Science is an atypical choice, as the two fields and methods of practice have almost universally been represented as diametric opposites of each other. However, on closer examination, the similarities between artists and scientists far outweigh their stereotypical differences. Both are dedicated to research and to asking the big question- what is true? Why does it matter? How can we move society forward? Moreover, both the lab and the studio are spaces that famously encourage open-ended enquiry and emphasis on process. In tune with Khoj’s commitment to cultivate an environment that allows for experimentation and innovation, the Art & Science residency will be a step towards furthering the explorations of interdisciplinary practitioners.


This is the second edition of a Khoj residency focusing on Art + Science, to know more about the first edition, please click here’

Participants will be residing in Khoj to develop their projects and take part in various public engagement programs that will be structured by Khoj. There will be mentors who will support the participants in various aspects of their project.

To Apply:

Application are open to Artists – in – residence, and a Critic – in- Residence.

Please apply with the following documents, sent in a single e-mail:

  • Recent C.V. (If a team or group is applying, please attach C.V. of all members)
  • Project proposal / outline of proposed project concept.
  • Web links or images (not more than 5 MB in size) and video (not more than 25 MB) of completed past works.


Please note, Khoj will be able to provide selected participants with travel costs, residential space and a modest per diem in addition to a production budget.