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Call for Artist Residency at CONA


Passing Through
A process based residency at Cona
Application deadline – 1st July 2013
Residency Dates: 20 July – 20 September 2013
The title derived from the paper breakthroughs of MURAKAMI Saburo, founding member of the avant-garde movement Gutai, indicates that the final result is not the work in its entirety; the process of creation is of equal importance.Sound, movement and theatricality work simultaneously with the passage of time, to create an aesthetic experience. The process of creation is thus a work in itself.Keeping a similar paradigm in mind, Cona is interested in understanding the nature of the artist’s work process, thus hoping that he/she be able to dwell in the present, as says Murakami, ” You are lucky to be Alive (in the now)”

Passing Through is a two months residency that will culminate into a week-long exhibition at Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai.
This residency is designed keeping in mind the specific roles at the various stages in a residency structure. It looks at the position of the artist, the residency, the funding body and the gallery in contemporary times and attempts to arrive at a functioning that is fluid and interwoven.The process here becomes the catalyst to bring all of us at a single plane. It will help an artist disengage from inhibitions and thus enable dialogue with peers as well as seniors. This residency works with an encouraging atmosphere where the artist will not be burdened by the outcome. More importantly the artist should take from here a sense of learning and the confidence to lay his/her work open for critique.
The progression may involve collecting data, research, preliminary sketches, resources, and other such elements that may or may not lead to a final product. Even the forming of a hypothetical project, analysed and research-rounded, is primary and equally if not more important than a materialized outcome.
The residency call is open for Indian artists under 35 years of age and residing outside of Mumbai.
Please download application guidelines and from in .doc here
For any other information/enquiries please write to us at