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CALL FOR AUDITIONS: Rehearsing the Witness

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Rehearsing the Witness

A Project by Zuleikha Chaudhari

Zuleikha Chaudhary is looking for actors, performers, lawyers, photographers, artists, doctors, forensic specialists and other interested candidates for auditions in Mumbai, December, 2015.

Audition Dates:

20-23 December 2015, 4 pm – 7 pm.

6-9 January 2016, 2 pm – 5 pm

Audition Venue:

Mumbai Art Room, Pipewala Bulding, Fourth Pasta Lana, Colaba, Mumbai 400005

Please write to to book an audition slot.

For more information, please call Nida Ghouse at +919820055928


Rehearsing the Witness: The Bhawal Court Case is an exhibition that comprises a series of auditions and rehearsals toward the re-enactment and retrial of some of the evidence of the Bhawal court case (1930-1946).

The exhibition opens at the Mumbai Art Room 17th December 2015.

The Bhawal court case was an extended pre-Independence Indian court case about a possible impostor, claiming to be the second Kumar of Bhawal, Ramendra Narayan Roy, who was presumed dead a decade earlier. The claim was contested both by the British Court of Wards and by the widow of Ramendra Narayan Roy, Bibhabati Devi and was in trial from 1930 to 1946. Over the sixteen years in court, the man’s physical attributes, birthmarks, testimonies and memory were put together as forensic evidence to establish his identity. A large number of witnesses, including doctors, photographers, sadhus, handwriting experts, were deposed. The case went from the lower court in Dhaka to the high court in Calcutta to the Privy Council in London.