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Calling Documentary Filmmakers in South Asia


Are you interested to receive support from tutors and international editors?
Do you want to extend your international network?
After the successful completion of DocWok 1 in November 2013 we are delighted to announce that submission for DocWok 2 is now open. While DocWok 1 was restricted to India, DocWok 2 has extended to South Asia.
DocWok is a tutoring and mentoring programme for documentaries production in South Asia, those that are at rough cut stage.
DocWok acknowledges that the independent documentary practice in South Asia is vibrant, wide spread and rigorous. It has emerged new language of cinema and has come of age with very little organised support in terms of funding, training or distribution.
DocWok aims to support the documentary practice by bringing in expert guidance for editing, completion, distribution and international presentation of the film.
Who can apply
• Residents, citizens of South Asia with film project are eligible to apply.
• Your film must be in post-production stage – with either a rough cut or an assembly ready.
• DocWok is highly competitive and intense. Apply ONLY if you have the time and inclination for an intense and engaged process of developing your film.
• Student film projects are not eligible.
How to apply
For more details, the application form and the rules and regulations please visit: | Latest updates: http://