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Jaipur Virasat Foundation is Recruiting

Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation 

For its Phase Three* JVF seeks to create a network of Music Centres across Rajasthan to safeguard, long-term, the authentic qualities of our region’s folk music. Given the loss of traditional patronage, the practice of oral transmission, and a rapidly urbanizing world, Rajasthan’s unique folk music repertoire and artistry are increasingly ARTS at RISK. What would Rajasthan be without the beauty of its folk music?

JVF is taking action.
A first JVF music centre is under preparation in Jaipur. A programme of interventions is currently being devised. The space is generously provided by JVF mission partner, Arya Niwas. The programme is conceived as a tribute to the late John Singh (Johnda) and his remarkable predecessor Sri Komal Kothari (Komalda). JVF is now looking for partners and committed professionals to join its Phase Three mission.

For the work ahead, JVF seeks expertise in project management, advocacy, web design and the use of social media, museum practices and exhibition design, music teaching to children, performance management, arts management, and helping with funds. If you are interested to be part of JVF’s Phase Three initiative, kindly send an expression of interest saying why you would like to join us, and your CV, to: Subject: Expression of Interest

*JVF is a charitable organization committed to heritage-based social andeconomic development. JVF works creatively with local cultural heritage to reposition it as a resource for livelihood. JVF’s work of the past fifteen years has brought the word virasat to the forefront in the region. JVF Phase One initiated Jaipur Heritage International Festival, a city cultural festival in Rajasthan’s
capital city of Jaipur to build awareness of the potential of VIRASAT, and the omasar people’s regional festival. With MMT of Jodhpur, JVF Phase Twoinitiated J-RIFF (an international music festival of world quality) as a platform for promotion of the folk music of Rajasthan. Through its creative and enablinginteractions, JVF has built strong relationships with hundreds of musicians across the state. It seeks now to build up long-term supportive structures onthese foundations.