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JVF is recruiting for the post of Director Operations

Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation  Jaipur Virasat Foundation 

JVF* is embarking on a comprehensive new programme to create a robust institutional framework to safeguard and support Rajasthan’s rich tradition of folk music, which faces threats from loss of informed patronage in a rapidly changing and urbanizing world. The programme is conceived as a tribute to the late John Singh (Johnda) and to his remarkable predecessor Sri Komal Kothari (Komalda).

The role is one of team building, leadership and versatility. It calls for sensitive
management of people from diverse backgrounds, building bridges to increase
livelihood opportunities between traditional and contemporary, educated and
unlearned, old and new, poor and rich, urban and rural, local and global.
Programme success rests on the extent to which interventions demonstrate new
ways of engagement with a traditional world of music that has been carried
forward till now by structures of a traditional society that are rapidly fading

The role requires a love for people, creativity and artistry. It requires passion
and commitment since it will face road bumps and difficulties, as do all
innovative initiatives. It requires stamina and commitment because of the nature
of how things work in our society. It requires a savviness with digital
communications, social media and data management because the programme is
complex and multi-faceted, and seeks to be wide-reaching in impact. It calls for
an ability to manage and document projects in a structured, organised way to
invite ongoing support from funding agencies and the engagement of sponsors
and partners. The programme operates in four broad fields of action:

• CREATING ARCHIVES & MUSICAL EDUCATION Building up resources for Music
Centres: Teaching, Training and Capacity Building projects; Documentation;
Exhibitions; Research; Archives;

networks of stakeholders, experts, and professionals to engage with the field

PERFORMANCES Projects to create, invigorate, & market new & traditional
performances: to support authenticity and creativity among the artists; to bring
livelihood-focus to conserving traditional arts & skills & knowledge

• RAISING FUNDS Nurturing links with funders through expert project management
and communications

If you consider your skills and experience are suited to the job, and you are
interested in the work, kindly be in touch with Faith Singh of Jaipur Virasat
*JVF is a charitable organization committed to inclusive and sustainable heritage-based
social and economic development, by using the power of creativity and the capabilities
of professionals who share our vision, to reposition Rajasthan’s heritage legacy as a
precious resource, and our traditional creative communities as society’s treasures.