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On the theme “FANTASTIC, MAGIC, WONDERFUL BEPPU!”, we are inviting
artists to create large-scale outdoor artworks on the walls of Beppu.
Beppu, located on Kyushu Island in Japan, is a curious city and possesses many
facets. Beppu is the second largest thermal city in the world. The city once knew a
glamorous time and knew great fame with crowed shopping streets, animated life in
bars, restaurants, hundreds of movie theaters, and a large flux of visitors
disembarking from the ferry. Nowadays, the city has changed but still offers vibrant
memories. Coming to Beppu is like taking part to a treasure hunt to find hidden
gems and encounter numerous mysteries. So, following this invocation-like theme:
“FANTASTIC, MAGIC, WONDERFUL BEPPU!”, artists will lift the veil on new
artworks created in this unique place and enriching Beppuʼs majestic treasures
Residence Period
【 September 1~ October 31, 2014 】 OR 【 November 1 ~ December 20, 2014 】
The dates of residence are flexible, but the residence must be a minimum of 30 days.
– The open call concerns mainly visual art, mixed media or digital art field.
– Applicants must be over 18 years old and must be citizen of a country other than Japan.
– Applicants must be able to speak English well enough to communicate.
– Applicants must be able to free themselves from educational or professional activities during
the residenceʼs period.
– Applicants must show evidence of an emerging or significantly developed artistic career.
– At the end of the residence, artists must present a final artwork.
– The residence involves public component (talk event, exhibition, performance, etc)
– The creation process can include the collaboration of residents and students of Beppu.
Application Period
Deadline: July 29, 2014 (before midnight, Japan time)
Application Procedure
Apply online through our website:
While filling out the online form, provide the required documents:
1) a written proposal (one A4 page, pdf format, 1 MB)
2) artist’s profile (pdf format, 1 MB)
3) one example of a previous project that is relevant for this application (pdf format, 1 MB)
Provided support
– artistic production costs coverage (up to 820,000 JPY),
– international travels (round-trip flight from the nearest airports between the artistʼs residenceʼs
location and Beppu) (up to 150,000 JPY),
– national transportation (within a limited amount),
– accommodation (the type of accommodation will be discussed after the selection),
– per diem (3,000 JPY per day),
– space for work (the studio’s availability will be discussed after the selection),
– artworkʼs location (to be determined by the organizer).
Please note that the support is the same for one person or a group.
The results of the open call will be published on the NPO BEPPU PROJECT’s website by
August 8, 2014.
Please note that only successful applicants will be emailed or phoned.
2F Sugakenzai BLDG, 2-35 Noguchimotomachi, Beppu City 874-0933, Oita Prefecture JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)977-22-3560 / FAX: +81(0)977-75-7012