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Of Games – III: “There’s gotta be a way out of this dungeon.”

Of Games – III : “There’s gotta be a way out of this dungeon.”

International Residency Program on Art and Gaming

September 7 – October 15, 2015

Application Deadline : July 15, 2015

Khoj International Artists’ Association invites proposals from game developers, gamers, artists, architects, new media practitioners, authors, storytellers and other creative practitioners for Of Games – III, the third iteration of the Art and Gaming residency at Khoj. The six weeks international residency at Khoj Studios will see each participating artist be given a production budget, accommodation, living expenses and production assistance to make innovative projects that are games or related to gaming.

With the proliferation of games as ubiquitous cultural artefacts that are forever at our fingertips, the conversations that this very special form of interaction generate have also become ubiquitous. Online gaming forums immerse themselves in everything from intense nitpicking, sharp criticism of recent titles to passionate slash erotica. Gaming conventions around the world not only bring these discussions “away from keyboard”, but are also platforms for elaborate performances of fandom and star-texts. While it was always clear to game developers that there was a “market” out there, various other modes of interaction and solidarity point towards the existence of a gaming “community”, a set of people across the world who are active stakeholders and change-makers in the disparate, fractured and nebulous world of gaming.

With the recent “Gamergate” incident, the long standing  yet marginalized conversation about sexism within game development got significant attention, reiterating the deep fissures within a community that is often viewed as “single, white, straight, young, male”. But if gaming is a form of cultural exchange that has truly become democratic in its reach and access, are there alternative pictures of gaming communities across the world that break away from the “target audience” rubric, to actually hack into the power structures that decide enfranchisement within the world of gaming? What are these alternative communities made of?

The theme this year is community and proposals are invited on all possible interpretations of the term.The understanding of the term can encompass diverse strands of thought, including community-building and socially engaged practice, games as methodology for policy development and activism, critical narratives around gamer groups,  gender and power within the world of gaming, racial representations and cultural imperialism within games, gaming historiography etc. Khoj welcomes proposals which have a broad understanding of games and gaming, including digital and video games, board games, performative gaming and live-action role-play, game studies research and academics etc.


Application Details

To apply, please submit the following documents to with “Of Games – III Application” in the subject —

  • Recent C.V.
  • Project proposal
  • Images or links to past work


Residency Details

Selected applicants will receive a production budget, daily living allowance, studio space and accommodation at Khoj, as well as curatorial and administrative support to realize proposed projects. Khoj supports national and international travel for selected applicants where possible. International applicants are encouraged to seek support for travel where possible.