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Open Call for 2016 AIR in Soulangh and Tsung Yeh Artist Villages!

Tsung Yeh Artist Villages  Tsung Yeh Artist Villages  Tsung Yeh Artist Villages  Tsung Yeh Artist Villages  Tsung Yeh Artist Villages 

The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government has built up cross-national and multicultural platforms on the bases of Soulangh Artist Village in Jiali and Tsung Yeh Artist Village in Madou, both of which sit in a unique environment. Program description of artist-in-residency has been announced online. We welcome artists worldwide to join us!    

Soulangh Artist Village has been transformed from the old Jiali Sugar Refinery. In 2016, site-specific art will be the theme of Soulangh. We encourage artist to explore their practice within local community and natural context. They can create projects at any sites in Soulangh, such as the warehouses, lawns, outdoor installations, railway tracks, or Children’s Museum of Art. Artists who are enthusiastic about community engagement and art education for children are welcome to apply for the residency within the subject of “site-specific art”.  

Tsung Yeh Artist Village, inheriting the exquisite Japanese architecture from the old sugar refinery, presents a stage for the aesthetics of crafts. We encourage artists to immerse themselves into the cultural environment to learn folk religions, traditional crafts, local history, and the industrial development. They can interact with local people or share their experiences in the adjacent art schools. Tsung Yeh Artist Village has launched open call for 2016 AIR to select artists who work with metal, glass, wood, pottery, handicraft, cultural creative artworks, or installations. 

Both Soulangh and Tsung Yeh Villages provide guest artists with free accommodations, working studios, networking to international art scene, and 30,000 NTD covering living expenses and implementation of projects per month at maximum. We fully support resident artists to realize their projects and also emphasize multi-layered cultural exchanges between international and local artists. Program description is for downloading at Air in Tainan ( ) from December 7th 2015 to January 27th 2016. All participants have to complete the online application.        

Cultural Affairs Bureau,Tainan City Government, Taiwan.
Soulangh Cultural Park
TEL +886-6-722-8488
ADDRESS No. 130, Liu-an Vil., Jiali Dist., Tainan City 722, Taiwan