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Open Call: Khoj is Inviting Artists to Think through Our Possible Digital Futures

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The internet has an infinitely elastic circumference; it is simultaneously nodal and vertical. The architectural topography of the internet is of distributed control and organization. 

How are we seeing what we are seeing on the internet?

Codes carry within them intrinsic biases. Datafication-as-knowledge creates new truths in technocracy. 

How do we rethink agency in digital technology? 

To consider the parallels between the construction of algorithms and construction of the body through genetic encoding is to enframe the body in the rhetoric of network-based understanding. In our hyper-digital existence, where algorithms shape our behaviour and digital interfaces become casual extensions of our bodies, the line between body and data gets blurred. Construction of identities and psychological and somatic behaviours through datafication of bodies reframes what is fact and what is fiction. 

How are our physiological and psychological entities being reconstructed by the internet in particular, and the digital at large?

Can the invisible process of datafication of our bodies, biologies, identities and lives, and their effects on us be made visible? 

In the age of surveillance capitalism, paranoia has festered on and within the internet. Infrastructures of digital violence have created a matrix of domination by forging information, violating privacy and exposing vulnerabilities, thus impacting identities in the margins. 

How can internet and digital platforms be re-imagined and re-designed in the post-digital age?

The Aesthetic Warfare Symposium at Khoj in 2019 made us question the blurring lines between reality and fiction through the power of visuals in the digital realm – A.I. distributing visual propaganda, deep fakes invading our timelines, new aesthetic strategies of internet activism and art in the age of post-truth. 

Here on we wish to further our inquiry into the digital realm, visualise hyper-digital realities, and think together about possible digital futures. 

Khoj invites proposals from art and design practitioners across India that span disciplines and mediums and are especially at the intersection of art and technology. 

While applicants are encouraged to consider the questions/provocations in the formulation of their proposal, it is in no way mandatory; they are only possible entry points. Proposals that engage with wider discourses on (post)digitality and impacts of technology are also welcome. 


Projects will be awarded up to INR 2 lakhs. The projects will be exhibited at Khoj, either physically or digitally in July – August 2021, and will be in conjunction with other public programming and symposiums around similar thematics. 

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Deadline for submission of application: 8 March 2021