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About Pier-2 in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung, located in the southern corner of Taiwan, is the second largest city of the country and was once an industrial metropolis. With a seaport that serves as the gateway to international trade, Kaohsiung is characterized by diverse development, passion, and liveliness.

Pier-2 refers to Pier No. 2 in Basin No. 3 of the Port of Kaohsiung. It was built in 1973as a general harbor warehouse complex. In 2000, this experimental site was rediscovered when Kaohsiung City Government was looking for a suitable location for the National Day fireworks display. In recent years, exhibitions and performance events such as The Delight of Chinese Character Festival, Kaohsiung Design Festival, Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival, Megaport Festival, Rainbow Bay Festival, and Experimental Theatre Festival have become the most prominent events staged in Pier-2, adding rich spiritual connotations to this venue.In addition to serving as a distinctive art and cultural space in Kaohsiung, Pier-2 is a recreation area for the public, drawing huge crowds with its open and multi-purpose space.


1. A free studio and living space.
2. An area and opportunities for art exchanges.
3. Opportunities to participate in local exhibitions and relevant promotional events in Kaohsiung.
4. Round trip economic class airline tickets or round trip assigned-seating Taiwan High Speed Rail tickets. (proof required for reimbursement)
5. A daily living allowance of NT$500, and material fees determined based on the type of each creation.



Individuals and groups that engage in art creation in Taiwan and abroad may file an application; no restrictions are set on the types of creation.The offer is open to local and international artists and groups, excluding student artists.
Applicants must have at least 2 years of experience or professional practice and must not be subject to any nationality restrictions.

Current Creation Directions for Residents

1. The current phase is Phase III, and the residency period is from November 21 2015 to February 20 2016. Considering the limited number of flights to Taiwan, foreign artists awarded the residency may arrive at the Pier-2 Art Center between November 21 to November 24.
2. The creation plans during the artists’stay in Taiwan must involve the local culture, geographic environment, cultural landscape, social conditions, and other issues. Such art pieces must be displayed before the residency period expires.Due DatesSubmission Deadline January 10 May 01 September 10
Result Announcement Date February 21 June 10 October 20

Residency Period
If the submission deadline or result announcement date falls on a weekend or national holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next business day.

 Residency Duration
The duration of residency is basically 90 days ( VISA allowance ).How to Apply1. Applicants should e-mail their application form, curriculum vitae, collection of works, and creation plans during their stay in Taiwan to before the relevant submission deadline.
2. Evaluations will be carried out based on all of the materials submitted by the applicants. Any works submitted that are false or incomplete or do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

 Obligations of Resident Artists

1. At least one piece of residency achievement should be completed and left before the residency period expires.
2. During the residency period, resident artists and groups are prohibited from carrying contraband, flammable materials, explosives, and other hazardous items, and must comply with the regulations governing the use of sites, space or facilities in the Pier-2 Art Center. Resident artists and groups should also exercise due care, maintaining access control, environmental cleanliness, and facility safety.
3. Resident artists (and groups) should cooperate in art and cultural promotion programs organized by the Pier-2 Art Center, such as seminars, exhibitions, performances, open studios, and other exchange activities.
4. A residency program closure report should be submitted before the residency period expires and residents withdraw from the venue.

Charges for Accompanying Family Members/Friends

1. The space for accommodation is sufficient for more than one artist to stay in a studio together, but the acceptance still depends on the current accommodation conditions.
2. An accommodation fee of NT$300 will be charged on a daily basis for each family member and friend aged 12 or above other than the artist himself/herself.
3. Should the artist send the written confirmation at least 1 week in advance

 Other Notes1. The artists or groups that are awarded the residency must enter into a contract one month before moving into the venue. Those who are unable to comply with this condition for certain reasons will be deemed disqualified.
2. This program is regarded as part of the contract. The failure to abide by the terms set forth herein will be considered a breach of contract.
3. The bureau reserves the right to amend and make final interpretations of the content of the brochure.
4. Any matters not mentioned herein may be subject to additional clauses of the contract documents.

File Application form – Phase III

File General regulations – Phase III