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Project 560: Call for Applications from Performing Artists


India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) invites applications from performing artists and groups who wish to create performances in found spaces within Bangalore city. This special initiative comes from our desire to engage with the city that nurtures us. It seeks to encourage artists to creatively engage with non-procenium found spaces, reimagine them and bring them alive through performance.
To apply, please send us a proposal describing the following:
Your existing practice, your concerns with space, and/or your interest
in working with found spaces.
The space/s you have chosen to engage with.
Your project idea in relation to the chosen space.
Work plan and budget.
Additionally, do remember to include:
A covering letter addressed to the Executive Director.
Permission letters from relevant authorities for the use of the chosen space/s.
Supporting materials such as photographs, audio/video recordings of earlier projects.
A recent bio-data including your address, telephone/fax numbers, and e-mail address.
Proposals may be submitted in Kannada, Hindi or English.
You may send draft proposals/project ideas for feedback until January 3, 2014, by email to Your final proposal must be in hard copy and should reach us on or before January 31, 2014. Please note that online applications will not be accepted.