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Siddhartha Arts Foundation: Open Call for Art Managers

Siddhartha Art Foundation  Siddhartha Art Foundation  Siddhartha Art Foundation  Siddhartha Art Foundation  Siddhartha Art Foundation 



Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative is hosting “Managing the Arts” – a series of workshops for existing and potential art managers. Please see if you would like to apply for the program or recommend it to your circle.


The workshops are short, intensive courses (between 3 to 6 days long) that have been developed from the standards of the Association of Art Administration Educators (AAAE). National and international experts who also train big corporate and established business leaders, will focus on topics ranging from financial management, strategic planning, marketing strategies, audience development, and leadership skill development.


The workshops are being provided free-of-cost to 12 participants. The placements are highly competitive and will be selected through an application process and interviews. Several financial incentives are being provided for those selected, including paid work placements and grants to seed personal projects.


“Managing The Arts” is intended for existing art managers who are already working in the industry and for those individuals considering a career within the creative industries. This program will be beneficial for many types of institutions and art forms, including galleries, theatres, cultural organizations, museums, and business/initiatives where creativity and artistry play a central role in the day-to-day operation.

To apply, interested individuals are requested to visit The deadline for application submission is 10 September, 2105.