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Theatre for Education & Social Transformation Working Professionals PG Diploma Program

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Theatre for Education and Social Transformation (T.E.S.T) is the study of approaches, forms and devices of theatre specially designed for schools and society derived from the dynamic and globally-recognised field of Applied Theatre. It is aimed at make teaching and learning in the classroom a far-reaching, experiential, deeply felt and enjoyable process of participatory learning and to enable youth and adult groups to take on, explore, grapple with and seek solutions to issues that impact their lives.

In doing so, TEST focuses on the exploration of drama as an artistic and educational process, in venues other than the theatre auditorium – in schools, the community, the corporate world, the justice system and the wider political arena. It is premised on the understanding that there are dynamic undercurrents that connect patterns of living, identity, language, cultural practice, law and politics. Theatre with its deeply moving forms and devices can be uniquely used for holistic learning and over time, to shift perceptions and relations in society.

Building on this premise and grounded in years of practice, TEST aims to:

• Reform, indeed revolutionize, the teacher-student relationship in the classroom.

• Enable school students (with their teacher as guide) to draw out and experience the relevance and value of prescribed syllabi to their own lives and to discover the significant interconnections that exist between the various subjects they study.

• Realize the significance and role of art in day to day life – i.e. how to live creatively

• Create a network of ‘cultural practitioners’ who can energize neighborhoods, youth clubs and other grassroots networks and institutions

• Strengthen community theatre, where participants are brought close to the arts and through these forms, they create and reflect on chosen themes, seek solutions to problems and thereby enhance the quality of life and social relations.

• Make a place for arts in a wide range of organizations and institutions in diverse contexts

T.E.S.T is for…

• Employed elementary, secondary and high school teachers with an interest in using drama (and the other arts) as a learning methodology in their classroom.

• Drama teachers employed in school.

• Faculty of Teacher Education Programs (B.El.Ed, DIET etc.) which have a Drama component.

• Freelance practitioners seeking to broaden their understanding and skills in theatre with a view to working in a variety of community and professional settings.

• Those seeking to develop skills for employment in the arts industry.

• Those seeking employment in theatre institutions like the National School of Drama (NSD) and other culture–based institutions.


T.E.S.T is a part time Post Graduate Diploma programme that will prepare educators and theatre practioners to use Theatre as a pedagogic tool. In the course of the year, the students will:

• Participate in drama exploration sessions led by experts / faculty.

• Participate in faculty and student led seminars on chosen themes.

• Plan, practice and carry out theatre and drama explorations designed to achieve specific educational goals in chosen scenarios e.g school classroom, NGO, corporate company, residential neighborhood etc.

• Visit museum / historic sites in order to appreciate and understand the interconnections between history, drama and allied arts.

• Participate in sessions led by experts in allied arts: photography / storytelling / music etc.

• Understand and practice the stages of playmaking and learn to design theatre space with easily available materials.

• Read, analyze, discuss and write essays that interlink theory and practice.

Admission Requirement and Process

1. Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University.

2. An online form to evaluate candidates’ interest in alternative and creative ways of education to be submitted by 30th March 2015

3. Workshop for shortlisted candidates to evaluate their creative potential, interest and commitment to discovering alternative ways of teaching and learning.Structure Designed for working professionals, teaching will take place through an intensive summer school at SNU followed by weekend classes supported by online sessions.For further enquiries email

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