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Workshop on Drawing by Gagan Singh

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art  The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art  The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art  The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art  The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art 
une 2015 | 11 am to 6 pm


FICA Reading Room
D 42 Defence Colony, New Delhi

FICA invites you to be part of a workshop on drawing with artist Gagan Singh as part of our series Open Forum. The focus of the workshop will be to look at sketching and the act of drawing in a sketchbook.

In this workshop Gagan wishes to extend his art practice as a dialogue with students, artists and art educators. He will take the participants through different exercises during the day, which will include making sketchbooks of different sizes and materials. He will then guide the participants through the various themes that people enjoy drawing about. The session will culminate into a sharing of ideas about the different participant’s works.

We will provide the participants with the drawing material for the workshop but feel free to carry your own materials.

Participation Limited. To apply, write to us at

Gagan Singh studied Fine Arts in the UK and has exhibited in various group shows including the Sarai Reader 09 at the Devi Art Foundation, Delhi, 2012 – 2013. His work seamlessly flows between the categories of the autobiographical to erotic and humorous. In his drawings, humor acts as a point of access through which other issues, often more serious, are explored by the artist. He is the recipient of Indian Foundation for  the Art’s Extended Arts Practice Grant and had a solo exhibition in Chatterjee and Lal Gallery, Mumbai in 2014. In 2015, he was part of the exhibition Activating Space: A Sculptural Inquiry, at KHOJ Studios.

The Open Forum is a proposed site for independent artists and organizations to collaborate with FICA on specific events. Through the sharing of resources, knowledge, and networks, the forum will exist as a temporary collaborative space that will allow for a deeper engagement with practice and pedagogy. We invite artists, researchers, educators and practitioners from areas such as visual arts, visual culture, design, architecture, anthropology, performing arts and allied fields to get in touch with us to initiate projects in experimental formats.The format of the collaboration should ideally be small scale workshops or learning exercises to build upon the idea of practice-based learning and sharing ideas (Example: 1-2 day workshops, group discussions/seminars, performance event, presentation etc.). The proposed project should engage with rethinking practice and pedagogy.Applications for The Open Forum will remain open through the year and FICA will choose a limited number of proposals based on how well the proposed project links practice, learning and people, and its feasibility. FICA will host, publicize and invite people for the collaborative session/workshop/event. Please note that this is not a project fund and FICA will not support any production of work or exhibition.How to apply

Write to us at  with your bio, your work’s links/images and descriptions, and a specific proposal for the project. The FICA team will get in touch with you to discuss details if the project aligns with the focus of the forum.