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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Arunima Singh

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Arunima Singh is a Co-founder of Lucida, a photographer’s collective based in Delhi. Post graduate from NID in discipline photography design. She uses photography as a medium of expression. Her personal experiences influence her photography and that motivates her to look at her own work more thoughtfully. She believes in experimenting with her visual language even as she works on various social issues. Photography forces her to question the world around her, and helps her to narrate stories that go beyond the pictures. She is currently working on two projects that are “Under-Construction” and “Back to Bedtime stories”. Under-construction is a series of photographs documenting the living and working spaces of the workers within a congested construction site.Back to Bedtime Stories is a series of photograph based on the missing interiors of palaces, which are contradiction to my childhood memories.