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Ashish Chaturvedi



Ashish Chaturvedi is the Head of the Environment, Energy, and Resilience at UNDP India.

Ashish has been working on the topics of environment, climate change, and circular economy in India for 17 years. His core expertise is in community-based adaptation, waste management, sustainable consumption and production, and environmental policy. He has worked in the past with research institutions, consultancies and most recently as the Director of Climate Change and Circular Economy with the GIZ, the agency responsible for implementing Indo-German technical cooperation. He has been involved in drafting policies and guidelines at the sub-national and national levels and supported the implementation of major schemes and programmes of the Government of India. Ashish is an avid action researcher and has published extensively in books, journals, and general interest magazines. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, and his academic training has been in the field of political economy