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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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B.V. Suresh

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1960 Born, Bangalore.
1975-78 Ken School of Arts, Bangalore.
1978-85 Diploma and Post Diploma in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University.
1985-87 MA in Painting at Royal College Of Arts, London.
1988 Gallery 7, Bombay.
1991 Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
1992 Gallery 7, Bombay.
1998 Gallery Chemould, Bombay.
2006 Facilitating the Beast, Vadhera Gallery, New Delhi.
2000 The Walking Stick, 5 mts Digital Video,
Once upon a Time, Chemould Gallery, Bombay.
2001 Introspection, 5 mts Digital Video,
Kathmandu’s Silent Night, South Asia Film Festival,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
2002 Introspection, 5 mts Digital Video,
Private Mythologies, Apejay Media Gallery, New Delhi.
2005 ‘ I ‘ Are we like this only, 11 mts Digital Video
Vadhera Gallery,New.Delhi.
2006 The tale of the talking face, 5 mts Digital Video.
Durban, South Africa.
2006 Retakes of the Shadow, 3 mts Digital Video
2000 Navlaka – Lao Jiu (Ninth Born), Dir:Anuradha Kapoor, Asian Art
Festival, New National Theatre, Tokyo.
1978 All India Art Exhibition, Bangalore.
1978-84 Samyojitha Group Exhibitions, Bangalore.
1984 Group Show at Gallery Chingari, Hyderabad.
1987 Degree show Royal College of Art, London.
1988 First Biennial of Print Exhibition at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
1989 Artists Alert, Exhibition for Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, Delhi.
1989 Indian Eclectics, Rabindra Bhavan, Delhi.
1991 Artists against Communalism: Images and Words, SAHMAT,
Delhi and 15 other cities.
1992 Parallel Perceptions, Organised by Sakshi, Delhi.
1994 Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation Fund Raising Exhibition,
Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay.
1995 Post card for Gandhi, SAHAMAT, Delhi and other cities.
1996 Sixth Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art, Bharat Bhavan , Bhopal.
1996 Group Show, Lakeeren Gallery, Bombay.
1996 Group Show, Vadhera Gallery, N.Delhi.
1996 A Broader Spectrum – IV, Group Show, Gallery Chemould Bombay.
1997 Gift for India, Organised by SAHAMAT on the occasion of 50 years of Indian Independence. Delhi & Bombay.
1997 New Shoes For Mercury, Sakshi Gallery, B’bay & Bangalore.
2000 Once Upon aTime , Group Show, Gallery Chemould Bombay.
2002 Banniyan Tree, Group Show,Nazar Art Gallery,Baroda.
2003 Highlights, Group Show,Sakshi Gallery,Mumbai.
2004 Looking Back – Looking Forward, Sarjan Gallery, Baroda.
2004 Transgress, Group Show, Bombay.
2005 Are we like this only, Group Show, Vadhera Gallery,N.Delhi.
2005 Genarations, Group Show, Kaleidoscope Gallery,Baroda.
2005 Metamorphosis, Asian Fusion Gallery, ACC, New York.
2006 Pachmadi Show, ABS Gallery, Baroda.
2006 Guru Poornima, Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda.
1981 Karnataka Kala Mela, Bangalore.
1982 Print workshop, sponsored by British Council, Fine Arts Faculty,
1988 Community Painting, Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy, Bangalore.
1988 Artists camp with young artists of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli Art
Center, Kasauli.
1991 Welcomgroup Art Camp, Mangalore.
1996 IPCL All India Artists Camp, Baroda.
2001 Kojh International Artist Workshop, Modinagar, Dehli.
2001 MSIL Artists Camp,Hampi.
2001 Digital Workshop,Artunderground, Baroda.
1978-85 Karnataka Lalitkala Academy Scholarship.
1983 Mysore Dasara Exhibition Award.
1983-84 Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Exhibition award.
1985-87 Inlaks Foundation Scholarship.
1995-96 Senior fellowship from ministry of Human Resource Development,Govt. of India.
1996 Grand Prize at Sixth Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art,
Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
1982 Aurobindo School, Bangalore.
1988 Ken School of Arts, Bangalore.
1991 CAVA, Mysore.
1997 S.N.School of Visual Arts, Performing & Communication,
Hyderabad University, as visiting lecturer.
2005 Animation Workshop, Sahyadri School KFI,Pune.
for a children’s book
1988 The Walking Stick, Pictorial Story Book, IBH.
1991 ‘Gadbad Ghotala’, by Safdar Hashmi.
At present, Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U.,Baroda.
Address: Painting Dept., Faculty Of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Baroda- 390 002.
Ph: ( Off ) 91 0265 2795520
Res: L4, Adhyapak Kutir, Pratap Gunj, Baroda 390 002.
Ph: ( Res ) 91 0265 2786518 Mobile: 09327920456