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Bernard Akoi-Jackson

Bernard Akoi-Jackson
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Bernard Akoi-Jackson (b. 1979). (MFA, Kumasi) is an Artist/Writer whose multi-disciplinary work becomes a project in continual metamorphosis.  He interrogates hybrid post-colonial identities, through ephemeral, make-shift memorials and performative rituals of the mundane. He employs critical absurdity and moves between genres; dance, poetry, installation, photography and video, to confront the complexities of his specific cultural moment. In his work, ‘jest’ is as profound as ‘clout.’ A balanced dose of these become the crux. In a similar manner, his writing tracks the development of contemporary Ghanaian and African visual art and culture in a largely poetic, jovial, albeit sublime mode.

He has created multi-layered installations, videos, paintings, sculptures, performative situations, participatory ‘psuedo-rituals’ and developed apost-conceptual praxis through the navigation of personal and collective history. One major intent is to question the ‘autonomous object,’ and its “genius” creator. Hybridity and collaboration become a reality in his work. Akoi-Jackson has written essays for exhibition catalogues with an interest in contemporary art in Ghana and beyond.

His inspiration has mainly been sought in forms of in[ter]-determinacy and ephemera. His trajectorytherefore charts nebulous terrains and seeks a blurring of boundaries. His current work quotes the aesthetics of organized labour conditions to critique the excesses of capital