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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Bhagwati Prasad

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Bhagwati Prasad is a Delhi based artist-researcher who has worked in graphics, performance, sculpture and video. Mostly working with the SARAI group at CSDS and Raqs Media Collective, he has performed at various venues in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Shanghai, Vienna and Paris for a range of projects. As a graphic artist he has two book length works under his name – Tinker.Soldier.Tap (2009) and The Water Cookbook (2010). He created a mixed media installation with video, drawing, installations, sculpture and performance during his three-month residency at AIR Antwerp, Belgium (2013). Bhagwati Prasad represents a fresh new style of graphic storytelling from an approach that aims to engage with questions of labour, machinery and work.