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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Bhavin Mistry

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113/B, Ruxmani nagar, New Sama road, Channi jakat naka,
Vadodara 390002 Gujarat India
Email –
Mobile – 09998767956
Personal Details
Nationality – Indian Languages – English, Hindi, Gujarati
Date of birth – 13/10/83
Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda – Bachelors and Masters Degree (2002– 2005/2006 – 2008 respectively) in visual arts, specialisation in painting.
Exhibitions and Workshops
2010 – Peers 2010 Residency programme by Khoj International Artist Association, New Delhi.
2009 – Participated in a workshop named „Vibrant Gujarat‟ at Art Project and Experimental Space, Baroda.
2009 – Participated in a group show “Feb Show” by Sandhya Gajjar (critique and Art writer) at Red Earth Art Gallery.
2009 – Participated in Digital workshop by Rakesh Agrawal and P.D. Dhumal.
2008 – Participated in Public Art Project at “Sandarbh” Partapur, Rajasthan.
2008 – „New Gujarat Contemporaries‟ – Show created by Johnny M.L (critique and Art writer) at Gallery Open Eyed Dreams, Cochin, Kerala.
2008 – Class of 2008‟ – Show at Art Konsult Gallery.
2008 – Conducted a workshop at an art college in Amalsad, Gujarat.
2008 – „GenX‟ – Group show at Priyashri Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 – „Art Within Reach‟ – Group show by Samsara Art, at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai.
2005 – „Y‟ – Group show of paintings and sculptures at The Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, M.S University, Baroda.
2004 – Exhibition of selected artists for scholarship by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmadabad.
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Artist statement
I never tried to capture the beauty of landscapes in my paintings instead I used it just as an element to show depth. Tensed color scheme and balanced composition got combined to produce a work of simple, quiet ambience that ignores almost deliberately any human presence, which effects the viewer can sometimes be perturbing. These lonely landscapes reflect a deeply introvert, detached perspective on reality. Relaxed tonal rhythms and use of limited range of colors reveal a painter who wishes simply to capture the essence of objects and scenes. Objects isolated from their physical context are imbibed with an enigmatic aura.
I have always remained free from the ideologies and have used all the freedom that is granted by this institute. Baroda has seen a number of narrative and figurative painters and also very well known for conceptual artists, but the quest to find something beyond and the immediate kept me going on. It is however a conscious effort to avoid any human presence in my works, a no-mans landscapes. I am also unconsciously commenting upon the way manmade technology had overpowered the human clan almost to the extent of paralyzing it.
My concerns-
Man and machines, is what the modern world has been propagating under the curse of urbanization. It‟s the excess of the mechanized lifestyle of man that I try to bring forth through my works. Since childhood I was surrounded by all kinds of tools and machineries. I draw objects around me with mechanical renderings, the interest gets deeper. Understanding the basic form and function of the machine, my lines minimally begin to define the structure of my huge machines. The final output remains hybrid. Overpowering machines turn themselves into self-possessed creatures, who have won over the human race to its extinction. Such is a conscious effort to eliminate any human presence from my works, for they are an uninhabited, no man‟s landscape going beyond the horizons of nature. The pathetic is made grimmer through my color palette which denies blossoms and beauty as once existed and as we once remembered.
Industrialization is a universal phenomenon. As an artist I am sensitive towards my social surroundings which as a consequent get subverted into my works.