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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Catherine Mcmahon

Catherine McMahon
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Catherine McMahon is an artist and researcher based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and New York. She received her Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and holds a Master’s degree from the History, Theory and Criticism discipline group at the Massuchetts Institute of Technology. She works at the intersection of technoscience, design, & art – critically focusing on contemporary cultures of techno-futurism and technologically deterministic binaries created between humans and nature. Recently, she has been involved in projects on the cusp of art and science ranging from assisting the Disobedience Archive exhibition at the MIT Media Lab, to contributing to a collabora- tive performance project Sketching the Blur with artists Otto Piene and Elisabeth Goldring, to creating the interactive installation piece Cult of Personality for the curatorial project, Experience Economies, and The Laboratory at Harvard.