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Han Bing

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Han Bing (born in Jiangsu, China) grew up in an impoverished village in rural China and studied art at Xuzhou Normal University and the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Art. Exploring the struggles and desires of ordinary people in China’s “theater of modernization,” he employs photography, video, multimedia installation, performance art and public interventions, as well as, sculpture and painting, to invert quotidian practice, reinvent everyday objects, explore the paradoxes of desire, and ask us to rethink the order of things. His work has been shown a major international exhibitions and belongs to public and private collections in Asia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East.
Han Bing’s work has been shown worldwide at venues including the Centre Pompidou (France, 2008); Asia Triennial Manchester (UK, 2008); Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival (France, 2007); The Crow Collection Museum, Dallas (USA, 2008); Columbia Museum of Art (USA, 2007); FOAM Fotographie Museum of Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2005); Dashanzi International Art Festival DIAF (PRC, 2005, 2006); Pingyao Photography Festival (PRC, 2002) and many others. Recent noteworthy group shows include China…Forward!!! at Tsum in Moscow via Galerie Albert Benamou (Russia, 2008); the Fotofest 2008 12th Biennial of Photography – China Under Construction II at Deborah Colton Gallery (USA, 2008); Multiple Realities at F2 Gallery (PRC, 2008); Interval of Silence at Red Star Gallery (PRC, 2008), China Under Construction I at Deborah Colton Gallery (USA, 2008); Dragon’s Evolution: Chinese Contemporary Photography at the NYC China Square Art Center (USA, 2007), Beyond Experience: New China at Arario Beijing (PRC, 2006), LOVE Expo, Barcelona-Pekin-Paris, and Proyecto Generos I and II at Espace Cultural Ample (Spain, 2006-2008), and many others.
SOLO EXHIBITIONS include a joint solo show with the venerable Orimoto Tatsumi, Quotidian Iconic—Quotidian Holy Mother (Jing Art Gallery, Shanghai, PRC, 2006); Walking the Cabbage in Tokyo (Japan, 2006); Love in the Age of Big Construction at UC Berkeley, Center for East Asian Studies (USA, 2006); Other Modernities (Bamboo Lane Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2006); The Other Shore of Desire at UCLA (USA, 2006); On the Stage of Modernization (Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX, USA, 2007); Age of Big Construction (Beijing New Art Projects, PRC, 2007); Everyday Desire in the Theater of Chinese Modernization (Beursschouwburg Art Center, Brussels, Belgium, 2007); The Fatalistic Language of Things (Columbia Art Museum, SC, USA, 2007); Green Peace—Walking the Cabbage Across America (USA, 2006-2007); Walking the Cabbage in Paris (Galerie Reflex, Paris, France, 2007), The Walking the Cabbage Movement in Manchester hosted by the Asia Triennial Manchester (UK, 2008), and The Walking the Cabbage Project (The International 3, UK, 2008) and others.