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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Heritage Hotel: Art Space



Heritage Hotel : Art Spaces is an artist-run residency space established in October 2014 in Goa by artists Romain Loustau, Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra. The essence of HH Art Spaces is to be a space for reflection, inspiration and creation; a place where artists come together, meet, make and share their ideas, processes, experiments and collaborative efforts with each other and the community. Through the overlapping and interweaving of different practices and disciplines there is an inherent desire to create new languages and ways of making and receiving art. Each residency culminates with an Open Studio Day. Over the past year we have invited artists from across India and the globe, primarily working with the Live Arts, leading to numerous collaborations, workshops, performances and exhibitions. HH Art Spaces is quickly emerging as an important venue for the Live Arts in South Asia.