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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Hina Siddiqui

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Hina Siddiqui is a writer, theatremaker and educator based in Pune, India. Currently, she works as a Creative Producer at one of India’s leading F2P mobile gaming platforms. She is also developing a cross-cultural transmedia project while learning more about narrative design and transmedia storytelling.

As a writer, Hina’s artistic practice revolves around queer and cultural futurism, voidpunk fantasy and the evolution of community. As an artist leader, her focus lies in building communal spaces that encourage sharing of personal histories and the creation of imagined realities, both physical and online. As an educator, she runs various arts education programmes for all age groups, imbued with these themes. Hina has written nearly 30 works that have been staged across India and internationally. Her short stories have been published by Grey-Oak Rupa. For a year before the pandemic, she ran Gyaan Adab, one of the key contemporary cultural spaces in Pune. In her free time, Hina mentors and coaches new writers, artists and arts managers to enable them to strategically plan their path to world domination.