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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Indranjan Banerjee

indranjan 2024
First at Khoj


Indranjan Banerjee (he/they) is a curator, writer and cultural producer; and is presently a Senior Curator at Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi. He often plays the role of an interlocutor with artists and creative practitioners and thinks with creative practices that are at the intersection of visual, material and performance cultures. His engagements with dance, movement, somatic practices, and thus the body feeds his interest in the interstices of art, technology and ecology. He investigates the relationship between image and text, body and embodiment, and speculates on the entanglements between art and design. His curatorial research primarily draws from the above intersections. Spatial thinking is his creative instinct. Experimental writing, writing in transmission, acts of annotation and the bodies of writing are his writerly fixations.


His writing has featured in such publications as Experimenter Books, STIR, Art India and Art Dose among other independent publications, and has been invited as an observer-writer for programs such as ADAM Lab, Taipei Arts Festival. His ongoing writing project “Measurings with Mercury” has been selected for Literaturfestival BuchBasel 2022.