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Johanna Huesser

Johanna Huesser


Since her graduation at the HF für zeitgenössischen und urbanen Bühnentanz in Zürich, Basel based dancer Johanna Heusser *1994 is working with different companies and choreographers around Switzerland. She teaches dance and yoga internationally on a regular basis. Since 2016 she has been creating her own works, which are shown at theaters and dance festivals around Europe. Johanna has won Atelier Mondial in 2018 and Double Tanz 2020 by Migros Kultur Prozent. With her first solo piece, “how to do a downward facing dog?” She was chosen in the pre-selection of the Swiss dance Days 2021 and selected to be in one of the eight Salon d Artistes. She has been a  semi-finalist in PREMIO Switzerland 2021 and is studying in the Master Expandet Theatre at HKB in Bern. For the season 2021 she worked at the Schauspielhaus Wien, choreographing the Piece COMA in collaboration with Marcel Schwald. Her latest work about Swiss wrestling was invited for the Schweizer Theatertreffen 2022. Johanna was nominated for best-emerging director in the Theater Heute Kritiker:innen Umfrage 2022.


Johanna sees her work to be at the intersection of dance and theatre. Her interest lies in cultural practices that focus on the body and its cultural connotation. She sees these practices in a sociopolitical way and finds strategies in her work to make them visible. The constant questioning of her own position as a white dancer and how the neoliberal system she is living in has an impact on her work and body is part of her work that she is passionate about. She likes ambiguities of all kinds and finds humor a good tool to speak about complicated and intertwined interactions between different players in the world.