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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Lipika Bansal

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Since 1997 Lipika Bansal has been interested in new media technologies. During her studies at the University of Amsterdam in International Communications and Science & Technology Studies she specialized in the use of technology for social change. Curious as she is, Lipika likes to cross-pollinate between various disciplines, providing consultancy and developing original solutions for social change, where art, technology and society meet. She uses participatory, creative research processes and methodologies.
Lipika has produced exhibitions, workshops, co-creations and other get-togethers. She developed innovative applications and concepts for mobile, online and physical platforms, within the domain of education, culture and sustainable development. She has worked with a number of renowned organizations such as: Images Asia, Hole-in-the-Wall, Buro Jansen, Waag Society,, Pratham, Huis Marseille, FabLab, Flying Cursor, Comet Media, Breakthrough, Greenpeace, Mezrab, Lloyd Hotel, Sarai and Ankur, Society for Alternatives in Education.
Lipika calls herself a social artist, because she likes to bring fresh ideas to the social arena. She uses new media in her work and merges her exploratory research projects with existing and custom, digital technology. These artistic research collaborations with marginalized communities include interactive art installations, which triggers awareness and dialogue using approachable methods and interfaces.
By merging art & technology, Lipika likes to bring a culture of change. In the past few years she has been using creative research methodologies such as (digital) storytelling -and writing. She is always experimenting how to convey people’s stories in new ways, using a mixture of old and new media. She hopes that the subtle interaction between people, stories & technology will cause a feeling of friction and bring a shift in the current mindset.