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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Lokesh Pathak

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Lokesh Pathak is trained in political science and law, practising photography and creative writing ( poetry, to be specific ). In my restless creative pursuits I have traversed diverse themes. Currently I am exploring the tensions underlying the urban spaces as they are being rapidly transformed under the relentless pressure of capitalist expansion in india. Coming from a small town in eastern Uttar Pradesh and based in delhi for last 10 years I have first hand experience of the asymmetric urban growth and the consequent dichotomies and dilemmas inspired by it. My concern, however, is not with the process of urbanisation per se but it is the broad ideological matrix that informs urbanisation that fuels my anxieties. I believe that any vision of alternative ‘urbanisations’ can develop only by intiating diverse practices in collective alliance with the public. I personally feel that the relevance of my artistic vision and practise lies in locating it within such collective movements.