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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Makan Ashgvari

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Makan Ashgvari is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, art manager and teacher living and working in Tehran. As a musician he has collaborated with bands and artists like Kiawasch Saheb Nassagh, Naima, Mehdi Saki, Bomrani, Kingraam, Pouya Ehsaei, Amir Saremi, he and his friends, Dash, Loknat, Sardar Sarmast, Shahrzad Beheshtian, Arshid Azarine, etc. He has published two personal albums (Hejdah and To Trucks) and collaborated with other artists on several albums. He has participated in several theatre performances as director, writer, and actor. On 2013 he founded Otaghkar as a platform for independent music, that organises events, workshops and music releases. More than a hundred people have participated in Otaghkar workshops. On 2017 Otaghkar started and managed a festival of independent music in Tehran, named Bazshenid, with 26 independent musicians performing.