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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Manjiri Dube


Manjiri Dube is a Curator and Programme Manager at Khoj leading its three-year-long multi-city socially-engaged art project Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice. She has worked at Khoj between 2012- 2014, where she conceptualised and executed the Food Residency Ed. (III), and managed  We Are Ours: A Collection of Manifestos for the Instant (Himali Singh Soin), Deep Time (Rohini Devasher), Residual (Anpu Varkey) and Word. Sound. Power. – a curatorial collaboration between Tate Modern and Khoj. Manjiri has a Masters in Politics and International Relations from the University of Warwick, UK, and has worked in the social sector with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, New Delhi. Subsequently, she went on to work on a social marketing campaign targeting various ethnicities across the UK  with Here&Now365 in London. Through the socially-engaged art projects supported by Khoj, Manjiri is committed to initiating conversations and exploring collaborative frameworks that bring artists and civil society organisations together to establish the value of art-based interventions in addressing cultural norms and narratives around gender and urbanisation. Manjiri is passionate about her workouts and believes in mindful living. From October-February she obsesses over Delhi’s alarming AQI levels and strategizes on ways to counter it.