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Mariusz Soltysik

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Mariusz Soltysik is a visual artist, photographer, painter, auteur, and a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland) on the Intermedia Faculty. He lives and works in Łódź, Poland. Mariusz has exhibited his works in Poland as well as in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, USA, India, and Australia. His works use different mediums such as video, sculpture, drawing, installation and include ephemeral materials such as light or smoke. He was also the initiator & curator of ‘systeMy / systemUS’, an international group show in Imaginarium Gallery in 2011, Lodz, Poland, and of the HUB or SChAB exhibition during Mediations Biennale 2010 in Poznań, Poland. Mariusz has been the co-curator of CamouFlash events in Lodz, Poland, Dresden, Germany and in Poznań, Poland,during Mediations Biennale 2008. In 2012, he was the curator of an international event entitled ‘Light Move Festival 2012’ in Lodz, Poland. In 2010, Mariusz was awarded a scholarship by the Polish Minister of Culture.