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Mohan Polamar

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Mohan Polamar


Mohan Polamar (45) is an urban animal that has over the decades lived in many countries and worked in various professions. He has been an artist from the age of 9 when he did not know what it meant.  He still does not know what it means but that does not stop him from practicing his self-taught art in every fraction of his living life. Polamar paints, photographs, sculpts, installs, makes music, makes movies and whatever else/curiosity arises in him, as long as he does not detect dishonesty within himself, he  works on realising the curiosity. After 34 years of practising art, Polamar finally is convinced of the direction he wants to take, and the contribution he want to make. The world will see prodigious output from Polamar  in two categories:  “The forming of personal reality as a perception arises in the darkness of the mind;  and its exploration interests me and the other is human evolution through climate change and space travel.”


Polamar also founded and works at Climate Miles where he and his team are trying to simplify the idea of climate risk through technology and modern visualisations. At ClimateMiles, there is a certainty that climate change (anthropogenic or not) is irreversible and that one needs to work on solutions that will be relevant post this apocalypse.

He is also a self-taught humanoid and his interests stretch from Quantum mechanics to movies. However, he claims “the hardest to learn (continuing to learn) has been Yoga and to this subject I owe all my wisdom and the clarity I enjoy. I and my inspiring partner jointly run ClimateMiles and the Iyengar yoga centre in Bangalore, further you will find my thoughts forming and dynamically arranging themselves at my personal website.”